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    Creating PR in Unapproved Status

    Rajeev R
      Hi All

      Pl let me know the steps to be followed to create Purchase Requisition in Unapproved Status in Back To Back Order Scenario. Business requirement is to create PR in unapproved status from the SO Line.

      We are on and its urgent.

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          Please refer the below note: Back To Back Process Always Create Approved Purchasing Requisitions (Doc ID 467508.1)


          How does one use the Back to Back Process and have the new requisition be created in status
          INCOMPLETE so that additional lines may be added to the requisition?

          ### Steps to Reproduce Problem ###
          1. Select OM responsibility
          2. Create Sales Order in OM
          3. Book the Sales Order
          4. Run the process "AutoCreate Purchase Requisitions"
          always is populated with the value "APPROVED",
          5. Select Purchasing Responsibility
          6. Run the process "Requisition Import" with parameter "Initiate Approval after ReqImport" = No
          8. Query requisitions, at this point the requisitions are in status APPROVED.

          Want requisitions in status INCOMPLETE.

          Per standard functionality, the Back to Back Process cannot create new requisition in status
          INCOMPLETE. We create the entry in PO_REQUSITIONS_INTERFACE with AUTHORIZATION_STATUS as approved only.

          As per the present code and functionality, we create the requisition with approved status only.

          Therefore, additional lines may not be added to the requisition.

          AutoCreate Purchase requisition concurrent program or progress order from the sales
          order pad, shall create a requisition for a booked ATO buy item line if there is open
          quantity on the line. This is designed functionality. (By open quantity we mean the
          order qty that is not reserved to a supply).

          If you want to prevent autocreate purchase requisition from processing the line as you
          are already having an existing PO for it you can achieve it in two ways -

          1. Put the line on create supply hold immediately after creating the sales order.
          Autocreate Purchase requisition will not pick such a line. Thereafter, you can
          manually reserve the existing PO to the order line and remove the hold. Once
          the entire quantity on the line is reserved to a supply, it is no longer eligible to
          be processed by autocreate purchase requisition and will not create another PO.

          2. CTO provides a custom hook CTO_CUSTOM_SUPPLY_CHECK_PK. You can
          add logic here to prevent CTO from trying to create supply. Please refer to CTO
          Process Guide - Setup - Custom Check Supply Creation API.

          To locate manual, see
          Oracle Configure to Order Release Notes, Release 12.1.1 (Doc ID 789425.1)
          Then select Oracle Configure to Order Process Guide, Part No. E13692-01, April 2009
          search for manual, open it.

          Hope this helps.


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