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    Solaris 10 cann't find my PCI device sometimes, does anybody know why?

      I'm trying to develop a Solaris device driver for my prototype PCIE device. During my work, I have to power on/off my test computer frequently.

      But a strange and troublesome thing is that: the Solaris 10 OS does not find my PCIE device every time when I power on the test computer.
      (not listed in the 'prtconf -pv' outputs). I have no idea about why it disappeared/appeared irregularly.

      The test computer is a X86 desktop PC using AMD cpu with 2 PCIE slots. I've tried to insert my device into all these two slots, phenomenon is the same.

      I make sure the device is OK, it has been tested under linux and windows with the same hardware platform.

      Is there any good guy knows a method to clear the issue?