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    sga_max_size & memory_max_target

      Hi All,

      Could you please tell me ...

      In oracle 11.1 If I want to set Memory Parameter

      alter system set memory_max_target=2000M scope=spfile;
      alter system set memory_target=2000M scope=spfile;

      Do I need to set sga_max_size value ? or it will set automatically

      As Per my knowledge

      We need to Set following sga parameter to 0, if ASMM, or AMM set to ON.(By default oracle 11g using ASMM, or AMM set to ON)
      alter system set sga_target=0 scope=spfile;
      alter system set pga_aggregate_target=0 scope=spfile;

      I am not sure about sga_max_size

      Thanking in Advance