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    Time Related Dimension(table) in communication data model

      The most common and important thing for a communication data model to me is time metrics.
      Things like mean up time, or mean down time are common KPIs we are tracking.
      To make this model efficient, we need to create a time dimension can precisely and efficiently to calculate the mean.

      How do we create such time dimension with common year, quarter, month, date, and time, while with UTC to local conversion?
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          Shankar S.-Oracle
          Not sure i follow your question.

          Can you give some example of the KPIs you mentioned - Mean up time and Mean down time with examples -- as detailed as possible (fact data details)?

          On the face of it, it looks like these KPIs should be Calculated Measures involving Time expressions on date columns (date datatype =day+time infomation present in source columns) but nothing in it which needs a customized time dimension. Maybe not out of the box but very much doable in analytical layer (either using olap or relational rpd). So it should be do-able without needing any changes to the default time dimension available with OCDM.