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    JMFSecurityManager blocking applet to write files.

      Hi All,
      I am trying to capture screen shot and creating video of that. When I made my code using standalone application, it was working fine. But when I try to do it using an applet, it throws the following error:

      java.lang.RuntimeException: No permission to write files from applets
      +     at com.sun.media.JMFSecurityManager.checkFileSave(JMFSecurityManager.java:250)+
      +     at com.sun.media.datasink.file.Handler.open(Handler.java:219)+
      +     at MovieEncoder.setup(MovieEncoder.java:344)+
      +     at MovieEncoder.<init>(MovieEncoder.java:216)+
      +     at MovieEncoder$1.run(MovieEncoder.java:132)+

      I also want to mention that I have signed my applet using keytool, and for testing this, I also add the code to create a file on local system. The file is created successfully, but when the code jumps to video recording, it throws the above exception.

      Also I think that this is due to JMFSecurityManager, and not due to default JavaSecurityManager, and hence throwing exception.

      If anyone have this experienced, please help.
      Thanking you all in advance.

      Lovelesh Saxena.