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    How to pass environment variables in Host file

      Hi Gurus,

      I'm having a requirement where I need to send my report output file as an attachment to customer. I achieved this by using host program and connecting to db server by using ftp. I am placing my output file in db server. From there onwards by using pl/sql scripts I am sending output file as attachment. The program is working fine for me no issues.

      Now in this program i am hardcoding ip number, user name of Ip and pwd of ip. Our client don't want all those info needs to be displayed in the host(.prog) FILE.

      For this i've written all variables in the .env file. But the .prog file triggers from application server. And I've written my variables in .env file which is in db server(different ip). When I am reading these values in the .prog it is throwing error saying the .env does not exists in the application server. Which is true since this is residing at db server.

      Please help me how can i pass global variables to this .prog file. Remeber that I am able to send output file by hardcoding user name and password.

      Appreciate your help in advance.

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          Have you checked old threads?


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            Hi Hussain,
            Thanks for your reply.

            My requirment is not related to the apps password. I know the four parameters which we can default, my requirement is further ahead.

            In my host program I am connecting to db server. As it is evident .prog file runs from appl server. I need to transfer file from appl server to db server. For that I want to use global variables kind. Like if I write in .env file then I can use that parameters in across all the programs. But what I've seen from instance is that my .env file resides in db server means if i want to initialize those global variables i need to connect db server then only I can connect.

            Now I need to use global variables in appl server where I don't have any .env file at this level. If say parameters through program we can pass but it is password of db server which I need to secure from users and rest others for that I need to declare global variables at appl server level. How is that possible.

            The threads I've checked them already those are related to passing parameters which is possible but my requirement is to pass parameter which is hidden and through programatically it has to trigger in to the program. If my program is pure shell file and resides and db server then no issues. Here the complexity is that .prog file resides in appl server and I want to do transfer from appl server to db server.

            Thaks for your patience.


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