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    standby DB recovery

      Hi Guru's

      The standby database.. which is out of sync with the primary and it has neary 1300 archive logs missing ..

      here is the log sequence gap.

      20:19:36 SYS@CALE_P> SELECT max(sequence#) AS "STANDBY", applied FROM v$archived_log GROUP BY applied;

      STANDBY APPlied

      358809 NO
      357583 YES

      2 rows selected.

      we have a setup where the archive logs are recovered to the standby and then backed up to the TSM storage then deleted from the archive destination . some how some of the logs are not applied to the standby DB and they are deleted.

      we need to get the logs from the TSM and then applied to the standby to make it in sync with the primary.

      My question is how do we find which logs are missing or not applied .

      and how do we need to get it back from the TSM storage and how do we need to restore and recover the standby DB.

      any working steps on this will be highly apprciated


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