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    failure to log out from webtopsession on SGD 4.61


      I have trouble with SGD server that ceases to process webtopsession session expire/logout events after some time upon restart - usually about 24 hours time.
      We use required browsers, IE8 and Mozilla Firefox 3. Even more, to exclude the impact of the browsers and SGD client, I ran

      tarantella webtopsession logout --person person_uid

      but although the message
      person_uid: Successfully logged out

      is published, webtopsession page remain unchanged.

      We use firewall forwarding, that is,

      security-connectiontypes: "ssl,std"

      It looks like it is related with some SGD resource being either exhausted or blocked, because it happens with lesser frequency (after 3 days) on the server instance that is being used by far less number of users.

      Does anyone have an idea what may be the cause of the problem?

      Other relevant configuration setting are

      array-port-encrypted: 443
      sessions-aipkeepalive: 5
      sessions-loadbalancing-algorithm: .../_beans/com.sco.tta.server.loadbalancing.tier2.LocalLoadBalancingPolicy
      sessions-timeout-always: 11500
      sessions-timeout-session: 1440
      tuning-jvm-initial: 2048
      tuning-jvm-max: 2048
      tuning-jvm-scale: 150
      tuning-maxconnections: 1000
      tuning-maxfiledescriptors: 8192
      tuning-maxrequests: 32
      tuning-resourcesync-time: 4:00
      webtop-session-idle-timeout: 3600
      xpe-sessionstarttimeout: 60