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    Move Capture to New Host and Oracle Versoin

      I need to move my current Streams Capture configuration (10gR2) to a new host (11gR2), both systems are AIX 6.1.

      Capture Side:
      AIX 6.1
      200 GB of data
      table level capture

      Apply Side:
      AIX 6.1

      Option A: upgrade capture side to using dbua then do an RMAN duplicate

      Option B: datapump? What about the streams instantiation (SCN)?

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Iordan Iotzov
          Another way to go is to do the upgrade/migration (any way you want) and re-build Streams configuration.
          You need to make sure the target and the source are in sync in terms of data content.
          One way to do that is to start your upgrade/migration only after all pending changes from the source are applied to the target.

          Iordan Iotzov