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    Window is not opened once switched pages in Oracle Configurator


      I have a UI with two pages on it.

      On the first page I have some Option Classes with a model Node A. Additionally created a Custom Button with Raise Command Event("FOO"). Behind there is a java extension rule to hear for the event with onCommand("FOO"). This extension does a redirect to a custom JSP-Page.
      On the second page there is just one Option Class with the model Subnode B.

      Node tree:

      +- B
      +- C

      Now, if I test this model, showing the first page, the custom button will refresh the main window and bring up a new popup window, if I click on it. This is, how it should be working.

      But, if I click on my second page and navigate again back to the first page, a click on the button will not bring up my window! Only the main page is refreshed once with no effect.

      If I click on "Preview Configuration" and after that "Return to Configuration", the popup window is shown after clicking on the custom button!

      So, something is written wrong on the second page and will be restored with "Preview Configuration"... Maybe some session or status variable...

      What's the reason of this case?

      Thanks in advance!

      Best regards,

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