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    Problems with automatic execution of remote shell

      Greetings people,

      I have problems with the automatic execution of a remote shell and I would like to hear your impression about it, detail below:

      Several of our programs in oracle call a function that produces a line of command that is executed from the application server to the database server using the remsh command. The operating system on both servers is HPUX version 11.31.

      The Problems:

      • Sometimes the line does not run after several attempts. In such cases, ask the user to reconnect to the system and then the process runs well.

      • Other times, the command does not load on the application server.

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          There probably won't be much expertise about the HPUX in this forum. Based on your problem description and experience it sounds like a network related issue to me. You might be dropping packages depending on work-load due to a hardware, routing, cabling issue, or have a duplex mismatch in the configuration of your NIC and switch port (auto negotiate with vs. fixed full-duplex). If you haven't got any hardware that's older than 10 years I suggest to set everything to auto negotiate, which is usually default. A network card will typically fall back to half duplex if it cannot negotiate a protocol, which was standard when there were only hubs, not switches. Having one side on half duplex and the other on full duplex can cause the exact problem you are describing.
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            thanks Dude, I will checking about it.