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    Pivot page prompt format settings

    Satya Ranki Reddy
      HI ,

      I have a query for pivot view in OBIEE version.

      I had created one report in pivot view and put it one column in page prompt .

      The page prompt is displaying 3 drop down options.

      1. sales
      2. market
      3. All pages

      How to rename the third option instead of all pages to all products it comming default.

      Note: The column havening two values only. I have selected total by After option then its appearing all pages drop down. How to rename all pages drop down.

      If it is possible please share me your valuable inputs.

      it's very urgent.

      Advance thanks
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          Hi Satya,

          I hope you are doing good. how is the project going? Say Hi to all..

          To achieve this,
          1) In your prompt remove the all choice options.
          2) change your sql query as,

          select product from subject_area union all select case 1=0 then column else "All Products" end from subject_area
          3) Check your prompt whether it is giving three values now.
          4) save the values in a pres variable. say prod_name.
          5) go to your report and add a dummy column and change the formula as
          case when 1=0 then column else "All Products" end.
          6) create a filter on this column with the conditon as,
          column != @{prod_name}{All Products}
          7) create a filter on your product column with condition as,
          product = @{prod_name}
          8) operator between these two filters should be "AND"
          9) you can remove your dummy column if you dont want.

          pls let me know if u face ny issues.