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    error in ad targetreconciliation

      my oim is innstalled on linux rhel 5.6,
      i have ad 2003 on windows machine,i have installed active directory connector installedit as per document,
      when i am trying to reconcile organisations iam getting the following error:

      oracle.iam.connectors.icfcommon.exceptions.IntegrationException: The value for a key [IT Resource Name] is not defined in the provided map.
      Exception Detail

      please help me out
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          Post the steps you did to do the configuration, did you follow the document precisely to do the setup of the connector to the ad.
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            Nishith Nayan
            Have you updated the It resource details?

            Verify the itresource mapping under porcess definition
            Goto->process definition->verify and update the mapping for it resource under reconciliation field mapping
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              in that i can find that it resource name(field name ) is mapped to UD_ADOU_SERVER(process data field) and key field for reconciliation is checked..
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                its AD 2003,setup on a vm,and
                * created a group and a user on AD as specified in the document,
                *copied the components of connector to OIM_HOME/server/ConnectorDefaultDirectory,
                *installed the connector with mange connector in admin console...
                *configured the it resource for the target system.

                Configuration Lookup     Lookup.Configuration.ActiveDirectory
                Connector Server Name     
                Container     DC=radha,DC=com
                DirectoryAdminName     radha.com\oimuser1
                DirectoryAdminPassword     ********
                DomainName     radha.com
                IsADLDS     no
                UseSSL     no
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                  when im tring to run the scheduled job Activedirector organiganization lookup recon..the error im getting is ..

                  Exception Message     oracle.iam.connectors.icfcommon.exceptions.IntegrationException: Connector ConnectorKey( bundleName=ActiveDirectory.Connector bundleVersion= connectorName=Org.IdentityConnectors.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryConnector ) not found

                  please help me out
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                    Nagaraju Chowdary
                    The exception Connector Key not found is due to OIM is unable to identify the Bundle *(Active Directory* in MDS .
                    I already checked that the jar file of connector is not uploaded into the MDS ,if u have doubts lets check it once
                    The bundle is developed and built outside with in .net Framework.If we use dot net connector server ,yet that context also it is not recognized by OIM
                    I also work around it,i tried uploading the Bundle Jar into OIM
                    I also checked it with the dot net connector server but problem is not resolved
                    I thought it is OIM bug and waiting to raise issue on that connector
                    This Bundle is specific to Active Directory,but ICF-OIM-integeration.jarr which is nothing but ICF glue is same for every target so then if the connector developed and tested outside in any format,it must and should recognized by OIM through ICF API,but that is not happened here.
                    So lets hope the issue will be resolved with patches
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                      Is this issue is fixed. I am also getting a same error. Even I have updated OIM with Patch BP02. Please reply.
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                        I couldn't sort out this error, Possibly one could raise an SR to oracle.
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                          In the document which is included in the activedirctory- connector bundle: Oracle® Identity Manager Connector Guide for Microsoft Active Directory User Management Release 11.1.1 E20347-01,
                          refer to section Clearing Content Related to Connector Resource Bundles from the Server Cache
                          where OIM_HOME is your OIM install directory

                          $ cd OIM_HOME/server/bin/ <== this step is a must, don't just run the following script from any directory
                          $ ./PurgeCache.sh All

                          Restart your OIM server/servers.

                          This did it for me. Let me know if it helped you.
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                            I am able to resolve this issue..
                            Earlier while following the documentation exactly i unzipped the AD connector in connector server. First stop the connector server, delete that unzipped file from connector server folder and copy the contents of bundle folder in AD connector folder and paste in connector server....

                            Restart the connector server and OIM managed server..... this worked for me