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    glossary in UPK


      I am trying to use glossary in UPK. Did all based on help: create, assign and update link. How do I check if the glossary feature is working?

      any help is apprecaited.

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          Hello Henri,

          The Glossary in UPK is quit simple to use but you have to follow those steps :
          - Create the Glossary and add terms and definitions with web pages,
          - Add the Glossary in the properties pannel of each desired objects (including web pages)
          - "Update the Glossary links" by using the dedicated entry in the edit field.

          UPK will automatically create link between defined word existing in your web pages or your personnal text.

          Each time you update your content or your glossary, think to "Update the Glossary links".

          To verify if links are well create you just have to type a defined word (in an introduction of a topic for exemple) and refresh links. If an hyperlink is created, your glossary is working.

          Alexandre Stouder
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            Mr. Stouder,
            thank you so much for taking the time to help me.
            I was in multi-user environment and forgot to check in. Now I see the hyperlinks.
            Can you help me with another question? I created 3 terms and 3 web pages for each term. Is this the right way to do it? Can I create one word doc and save it in package? Can the user click on the glossary and it opens the word doc with the term hightlighted?
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              As long as there is a definition link in the glossary for each term, that is 'the way to do it', it is just a matter of getting the results you want. You certainly could create a single Word document with all your glossary definitions in it and put it into a package and then link all your glossary terms to it, but it would not scroll to, or highlight, the term that was clicked on.

              There are other ways to accomplish what you want though. You could create a Word .doc for each definition and put all of those Word docs into a package, then all your definition links would point to the same package, but different file within the package. If you are HTML savvy, you could create a single document glossary as an html document with bookmarks and then put that into a package, if your definition link pointed to an html document in a package, then you could pass a parameter to scroll to the particular part of the page where the term is located (similar to how the links in a Wikipedia article's TOC behave). You could also just host your web-based glossary on a web server and set all your definition links as URLs, this would also open up the prospect of bookmarking the web-based glossary so you can set your URL definition links with the bookmark parameter to scroll the page to the proper spot for the term being looked up.

              Hope this helps. Good luck!