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    property formula help needed... find ancestor name

      Hello Experts,

      I am currently using a property formula that populates with the parent name:


      However, I now need something dynamic and have no idea how to write it. The background is something like this: our HFM app is getting only a certain level of granularity for the entity dimension and I am using a boolean property HFMExport to indicate what goes to the app. There is no rhyme or reason for the level chosen. For example, no InvertedLevel 0 member is flagged TRUE for HFMExport and the lowest level exporting for any given level 0 might be level 1 or 2, or any other level up the chain.

      What i need is a local node property (or properties) that searches up through the ancestors looking for the first upper level member where HFMExport = TRUE and populate with that members Abbrev.

      Any assistance will be truly appreciated!