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    Initial Pass - possible data loss?


      I have just completed the initial pass of a 8.9 to 9.1 HRMS upgrade template and upon completing the template steps, there is an issue I need to address. All of the PeopleSoft application tables have no data in them - these are tables such as PS_PERSON, PER_ORG_ASGN or SJT_PERSON.

      My question is simple, is this an issue of not completing a step some time in the upgrade process, when data was to be imported back into the database? Or does is the initial pass not concerned with populating the tables? I expect there was a skipped step or something along these lines, but I would like to raise this question just to be sure as to how the initial pass handles populated tables.

      I've looked at the output scripts and I can see the tables got re-created, so do I run .dms scripts at the end to import previously exported data?

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          The tables PS_PERSON and PS_ORG_ASG should have data after the initial move to the upgraded environment.
          Table SJT_PERSON gets populated after running the SJT processen in the new environment.

          I am not quite sure where this went wrong, but during the upgrade process at step Task 5-11: Running Data Conversion the data is being converted from the 8.9 data model to the 9.1 data model.
          Try looking for log files on this process.

          It would have been useful, if you had data after the initial move, that would give you the change to walk through the application and fix any issues, before starting the first test move.

          You could go ahead with the first test move, which should be less intensive then the initial move, which should give you data in the application.

          If would be strange if a upgrade would not convert data to the upgraded environment, that would be an implementation.

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            I found the initial problem, it's the rename steps. For example, the table PS_PERSON gets renamed to PS_UPG_PERSON and then recreated as blank. What I cannot find at this point, is where the table gets populated again?
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              Have a look at the following application engines, which do the actual data conversion:

              Description of these application engines to be found in Task 5-11-1: Reviewing Data Conversion Tips

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                Thanks I looked closer at the previous run of EOUFDATACONV and the message log says "There are no conversions to run for upgrade path HC89", that's strange, but it sure seems like the culprit of these problems: no data conversion got executed so the tables are in fact blank with only the original left as copies. Hmmm, at least it's a start.
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                  You might also want to have a look at EOUFANALYSIS Application Engine program described in Task 5-9: Running the Data Conversion Analyzer
                  This program performs a detailed analysis of the data conversion code within the MAIN data conversion group for your upgrade path to determine the Source and Target Tables used in each Application Engine step.
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                    The 8.9 to 9.1 upgrade template has the step "Task 5-11-3: Performing Data Conversion Concurrently" defined with run control id HC89, is this correct? Don't I need to define the upgrade path to use HC90 or better HC91, although the table UPG_DATACONV has no 91 value ...

                    The table UPG_DATACONV has over 200 rows for the 89 PATH, so maybe the problem is that EOUFDATACONV cannot identify these .. hmm

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                      This is part of the upgrade template configuration, issues by Oracle, so it should be correct. Who knows Oracle better than Oracle?

                      You really should not mess around with the settings of the upgrade template or the step properties.
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                        I was just wondering what the different upgrade path definitions referred to. The table does have values for HC89 path, they just don't get picked up. Looks like I need to study the EOUFDATACONV process.
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                          By the way, today there is a free webcast on Change Assistant Configuration and Troubleshooting


                          Thought you might find it interesting.

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                            In addition, at the end of the webcast you have the opportunity to ask the presenter questions.

                            Perhaps you can also drop your question there and hopefully get an immediate answer.
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                              Thanks, I will definitely check that out!