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    How to auto refresh IR?

      Hi guys,

      How to auto refresh IR... It should be something like Gmail. as you receive an email you see it on your Inbox ...
      Namely, If there is a new entry on the report it should get refreshed, or it should get refreshed periodically......


      I use APEX 4.1 on oracle 11g xe ... listener 1.1.3 on glassfish 3.1 ... windows 7 machine ...
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          Patrick Wolf-Oracle
          Hi Fateh,

          have a look at the "Timer" dynamic action plug-in at apex.oracle.com/plugins which allows you to periodically fire a dynamic action. This dynamic action could for example be a "Refresh" action for your interactive report region. Note: Please keep in mind that the IR region needs a region template to correctly work.

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            Thanks Patrick,

            The server went nut when I applied that plugin; apart from that the edit link/icon in the IR stopped working.
            I think that I need to refresh the report as an INSERT happens on the table. Is it possible ??