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    IC FTP adapter usage


      I need to export data from SAP and place them at the same time as a flat file into two file systems locations, one directly to NTFS file system for APP1, second remotely over Windows FTP for APP2. Can I use Interconnect and one FTP adapter and share that adapter for 2 appl views?


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          Yes you could use the InterConnect, but you will need two "identical" FTP Adapters.

          Oracle Universal Installer will not let you install more than one adapter of the same type in the same home.

          To get around this, search for and use the CopyAdapter.bat (for NT OAI installs) or the copyAdapter shell script (UNIX). These can be located in your $ORACLE_HOME/oai/9.0.2/bin directory.

          Configure your original FTP Adapter point to your APP1 system, and your FTP Adapter copy to point to APP2 system.

          (Check your adapter.ini files carefully after you've run the copy adapter)

          I hope this helps.