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    Re: load and install applet into the SSD with Delegated Manag. privilege

      Good day.
      I have a gemalto sim card with SSD. Also i received few documents and files: DM.pdf and HelloWorld.ijc. As i understood SSD - with delegated management and DAP-verification privileges.
      Pdf document with an example of loading an applet HelloWorld, the standard keys, etc. + HelloWorld.ijc
      In the pdf file there is just an example of calculating the hash, tokens, and all that relates to this calculation:
      description of the algorithm is PKCS # 1
      RSA Public modulus Key (128 bytes)
      RSA Public exponent Key (3 bytes)
      RSA CRT Private Key:
      Prime1 (P)
      Prime2 (Q)
      Private Exponent1 (dP)
      Private Exponent2 (dQ)
      Inverse Prime 2 (iQ)
      I still do not quite understand the asymmetric encryption, and DAP-verification, so I have a few questions:
      1. Is it possible to load the applet with some software (for example GPShell)?
      2. Is ijc file like the certificate and the is needed to "sign an applet?"
      3. Do I understand correctly that to load my applet I need my own ijc-file?

      Thank You

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