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    Patch 6880880 (Upgrade Opatch Utility)

      Hi Guys,
      I need to apply Patch 6880880. From what I understand from the documentation and some posts about this patch is that this patch is nothing but upgrading the version of hpatch/Opatch.

      When I unzip folder p6880880_101000_MSWIN-x86-64.zip, it makes a folder called Opatch (according to earlier posts I need to overwrite the existing folder OPatch folder) in the Hyperion directory .

      But I am afraid to do that because the new OPatch folder resulting from unzipping the p6880880_101000_MSWIN-x86-64.zip file doesnt contain hpatch.bat.

      I need hpatch.bat because I further need to apply couple of more patches (9976978 and 11794962) to fix some HFM security issue. And the patch 6880880 is pre-requisite for patches 9976978 and 11794962.

      Please suggest.