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    How to find the version of the WCI?

    Naveen Paulraj
      Hi , I want to know the version of WCI in one of the customer environment? Can anyone help me on this?
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          I usually go to the client workstation - go to the portal page - do a view source and at the bottom look for:

          <!--Portal Version:, Changelist: 337003, Build Date: 10/08/2008 at 02:57 PM-->

          So here we are using 10.3.0

          <!--Portal Version:, Changelist: 329005, Build Date: 05/22/2008 at 01:51 AM-->

          Portal 6.1.2

          in <server> bea\alui\setting - configuration.xml also has versions of products.

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            WCI has a few xml files that can help you find the version and, more importantly, build number of your installed product.

            <install dir>\ptportal\10.3.0\version.xml
            <install dir>\aluidirectory\1.0\version.xml
            <install dir>\cns\1.0\version.xml
            <install dir>\ptcollab\10.3.0\version.xml
            <install dir>\ptanalytics\\version.xml
            <install dir>\ptupload\10.3.0\version.xml
            <install dir>\ptdr\10.3.0\version.xml
            <install dir>\ptsearchserver\10.3.0\version.xml