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    OEPE Publish messes up persistent classes

      Dear all,

      I have a very strange issue, which I haven't met before:

      I am trying to set up a simple development environment with Weblogic Server 10.3.6 and OEPE. I also would like to use JPA 2 (EclipseLink) for my application, which is pretty simple so far, I only have one entity to test persistent services.

      I am deploying my application from OEPE, in the usual Servers view, Add and remove option.

      The strange behaviour is that if I deploy my app, I can query entites, persist new ones without problem, everything works fine, BUT if I modify anything in the source code (e.g add a System.out.println...) and I choose the Publish option on the Server view in OEPE, then after publishing the earlier working queries don't return entities, the insertions fail because of "is not a known entity" exceptions, seems as if it would be some kind of classloader issue, but I'm not sure.

      Hope any of you have already faced a problem like this and can help.

      Thanks in advance!