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    SAS in oracle


      I have a question regarding executing SAS scripts in Oracle:

      Is it possible to call some SAS scripts in Oracle PL/SQL procedure?
      In mean that I have some PL/SQL code called from Oracle, which process the data (step 1 of processing).
      Then I want to call SAS program/procedure, process data in SAS (step 2 of processing) and come back to PL/SQL for finish processing (step 3).

      Is it possible ?

      I know that usually situation is opposite - PL/SQL clauses are called from SAS program, using SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle, SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC, or
      SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB.

      I know also, that in Oracle can be used DBMS_SCHEDULER to schedule and run SAS job.
      But question is: is it possible to call SAS processing directly from PL/SQL code and is it possible to call it with parameters ?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Mark Kelly-Oracle
          Hi Paul,
          You can not imbed SAS Scripts and have the Oracle PL/SQL Engine execute the scripts.
          As you noted, there are ways to have Oracle integrate with external programs, such as through Oracle Scheduler.
          Oracle Enterprise Manager also allows the invocation of scripts on a machine.

          As of January 2012, Oracle offers the ability to run Oracle R Scripts imbedded in PL/SQL as part of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option, which also includes Data Mining.
          So assuming you could accomplish what you need using Oracle R and Oracle Data Mining, you could have a process that is fully integrated within the DB.

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            Thanks for help.

            I checked other possibilities to interact between these technologies ans I see two:

            - webservices (call from PL/SQL SAS program accesible as webservice);
            - Java Messaging System (but I don't have clear vision about architecture of this solution).

            Does anybody know any other possibilities ?

            Thanks in advance,