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    Please Help; MAPVIEWER-05501 Map tile layer not found error

      Hi, I am just a newbie to oracle mapviewer; I installed mv 11.x. on Xe 11g with mvdemo dataset as mentioned in demo setup instructions.
      It seems everything went fine including mvdemo data import and oc4j instance.

      Only thing if i am missing is when I goto create "Create a map tile layer" in "Manage MapViewer" of "Admin" page; I can find datasource but do not find anything in "base map" combo. Thus i can't create Any Map tile.

      Now, when I click on a demo example I get following error:
      *[MVglobalvariables.getmap.cacheconfig]mapviewer-05501:maptile layer not found.check map tile layer name and/or data source name(mvdemo.demo_map)*

      When i check the user_sdo_cached_maps view return "no rows selected ".

      I have tried many restarts, re-import of mvdemo data but nothing worked.

      please help me.