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    XSB on M4000 Server

    Soret SO
      Hello Everyone,

      May anyone help and guide me how to set the XSB board from UNI-XSB to QUAD-XSB on M4000 Server?

      Thanks you in advance.

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          Availbale Docs:

          http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19855-01/E21618-01/index.html ( http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19855-01/E21618-01/E21618-01.pdf )


          You need:

          Specify XSB Mode on a Midrange or High-End Server
          1.     Log in to the XSCF console with platadm or fieldeng privileges.
          2.     Execute the setupfru command:

          XSCF> setupfru -x mode sb location

          where mode is either 1 to specify a Uni-XSB or 4 to specify a Quad-XSB; sb specifies the system board device, and location is the location of the device, a number from 0-15.

          3.     Verify the operation with the showfru command.

          Before you need free original XSB from all domains.

          showboards -a - Show what XSB used.

          Use deleteboard for remove board from domain.

          Quad-mode and Unimode have different hardware Limitation. So when you switch from Uni- to Quad- you can lost some hardware.

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            Soret SO

            Thanks you Nik.

            I had the M4000 with existing One CPU Board and One Memory Board with 16BG (8 x 2GB) of RAM. We plan add more memory with 32GB (8 x 4GB) so Server will has Two Memory Boards (16GB (8 x 2GB) + 32GB (8 x 4GB)), so can we mix this memory on UNI-XSB? If not we need to switch from UNI-XSB to QUAD-XSB?

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              On one UNI-XSB you must have all memory boards with same configuration.

              You can still UNI-XSB configuration

              For this:
              You buy 1 MEMB with 32GB (8 x 4GB)

              Configure old and new MEMB as 2 x MEMB ( 4x4GB (bank A) + 4x2GB(bankB) )

              In case you reconfigure you XSB to QUAD-XSB you can have MEMB with diffrenet configuration.
              Becouse you will have only one CPUB, you will have XSB: 00-0 and 00-1


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                Soret SO
                Dear Nik,

                Appreciated for your help.

                Have a nice day.