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    To speedup RMAN Duplicate

      Version : on solaris 10

      Our Primary DB is 2 TB in size. After taking the full backup of our Primary, I'll scp the backup pieces to standby server.
      I want to speedup my RMAN Duplicate run. From googling , i found links where multiple channels for AUXILLARY are created , but only 1 channel for Primary (target)
      startup the standby instance in NOMOUNT from sqlplus
      rman target sys/password@myprimDB auxiliary / 
      run {
      allocate channel C1 device type disk;       ------------ > I guess this channel is to connect to Primary. Can I have more of these?
      allocate auxiliary channel C2 device type disk;
      allocate auxiliary channel C3 device type disk;
      duplicate target database for standby nofilenamecheck;
      release channel C1;
      release channel C2;
      release channel C3;
      I realize that the Primary DB's backup pieces held in standby server itself but is there any point in increasing the channels for target (Primary) ?

      During the execution of DUPLICATE by RMAN in the standby server will the RMAN binary ever contact the Primary DB to get any info? Or RMAN will only deal with Primary DB's backup held in the standby server?
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          As you are having a very big database allocate more auxiliary channels.

          RMAN will connects to primary server & it reads its control file, but not much load on primary database.

          RMAN CHANNEL – An RMAN Channel is a communication pipeline between a RMAN executable and a target or auxiliary database. An RMAN channel consists of a server session on the target or auxiliary database and a data stream from the database to the backup device or vice-versa. RMAN console sends commands to the database using this channel, and the server session running on the database executes the command on behalf of the RMAN Recovery Manager


          And deals only with the backup of standby , it's just read control file of primary & very limited part of database.

          You have to take care of LARGE_POOL in auxiliary instance, until RMAN completes give a big value.
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            Thank you very much Ckpt.