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    Oracle global/external users

    Milan T
      Greetings! :)

      I have an old app where fat client app connects to the DB with Oracle DB user/pass. I would like to change this. I believe "user identified globally/externally" is the right choice. Is there any (Java) example of login as global/external user? I have read that for global/external users tokens are acquired, but I don't know how to acquire tokens?

      Example: I have Java fat client which shows a dialog asking user for its user/pass. Then I send this user/pass to another Java web app, which check user/pass and asks DB (how?) for token. Then I send this token from my web app to the fat Java client app and it connects (how?) with DB.

      1. How to get token for external/global user?
      2. Where to put token in DB connection string when connecting with DB?

      I have already asked this question in Oralce DB security forum without any response.

      Thank you in advance :)