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    Had the training, now where to start??

      Hello everyone,

      I recently attended the formal PRA training at an accredited Oracle trainer and found the traiinng very useful and was also pleased with the tool in general.

      The only problem I had was that in the training it was conducted in an ideal world, where we built houses/fences and each project had a maximum of 8 activities. Arriving back at work (and the only person trained in the software), after finishing on the Thursday night, on the Monday morning I was approached with a schedule with 400 activities, no attached risks and dozens of constraints, open ended tasks and broken logic.

      Ultimately what I would like to know, is where do I start? where do those experienced in PRA begin and what is there process that they would use for a new schedule/schedule like this?

      How do you typically deal with constraints (start on or after, start before etc)?

      Any help you can offer would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated,