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    "Generate Server Template" option in ODI Client is Inactive


      I'm in the process of Configuring the ODI JavaEE Agent and ODI Console On WebLogic Server for a newly installed ODI system on Unix Server.
      I'm following the below link:


      Step 1 in the above mentioned document, is to Declare the JEE Agent and generate the WLS Template from ODI client. I've done all the configuration mentioned in the document (for defining/declaring the Java EE Agent). However, "Generate Server Template" option on the Physical Agent Editor toolbar menu of ODI is INACTIVE. Hence, i am unable to generate the Template.

      FYI, ODI Version :
      ODI Studio Client version :

      Please suggest how can i generate the Template.

      Thanks in Advanced,
      Harmohan singh

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          The  "Generate Server Template" option is also greyed out for me. Would be useful to know to how to enable this functionality.

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            Hi There:


                'Generate Server Template' is only enabled when the Studio is installed in enterprise mode (choose all components). That means install weblogic in a Oracle Home, then choose install ODI in the same Oracle home in enterprise mode, the button is automatically disabled when ODI judge some required modules are not installed. so If you use Studio in Companion CD(by unzip) or not choose all components when install ODI, the button is disabled


                Another notice, if you want to create a weblogic domain with a JEE agent and odiconsole deployed, you don't need this 'Generate Server Template', you just need install weblogic then odi, declare the physical agent/logical agent, then create domain(choose jee agent and odiconsole), go on as the doc said.  This button is used optionally, not required, if you want to deploy another Jee agent, you can choose to use it.