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    ResultSet getString error when data length more than 16 bytes

      os: xp sp3 (CHS)
      occi: oracle client
      database: oracle 9i
      vs2008 sp1

      Field1's type is VARCHAR2(50)

      while (pRs->next()){

      run in vs2008 debug mode working fine
      directly run exe file,both debug and release working fine

      run in vs2008 release mode
      when Field1 length < 15,working fine

      when Field1 length >= 15(test:Field1='0123456789012345'), is not working
      vs pause output error (HEAP[.exe]: Invalid Address specified to RtlFreeHeap( 00030000, 02594130 ))
      click “continue” button can get correctly output.

      but the exe file could not correctly run in win7(32 BIT)

      can anyone help ..plz


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      帖子经 922988编辑过