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    -2147417848 Method 'CreatePlsqlDynaset' of object '_IOraDatabase' failed

      I am trying to verify that a VB5 application written for Oracle NT 7.3 will work with Oracle 9iR2 (HP-UX), and after installing OO4O Release ( http://otn.oracle.com/software/tech/windows/ole/htdocs/readme/92048.html ) on the Windows XP Pro system that we're using as a test box and verifying that database connectivity is functioning correctly, I encountered the following error on a call to OraDatabase.CreatePlsqlDynaset():

      -2147417848 Method 'CreatePlsqlDynaset' of object '_IOraDatabase' failed

      The Release Notes for this release of OO4O specify that a bug with this symptom was fixed in a prior release (4.3).

      The code in question is:

      'add parameters to database
      OracleDB.Parameters.Add "Par1", "", 1 'in
      OracleDB.Parameters.Add "Par2", "", 1 'in
      OracleDB.Parameters.Add "Par3", "", 2 'out

      'set the parameter types
      OracleDB.Parameters("Par1").ServerType = 2 'Number
      OracleDB.Parameters("Par2").ServerType = 2 'Number
      OracleDB.Parameters("Par3").ServerType = 102 'Cursor

      'set parameters
      OracleDB.Parameters("Par1").value = value1
      OracleDB.Parameters("Par2").value = value2

      strSQL = "Begin P_MY_STORED_PROC(:Par1, :Par2, :Par3); End;"

      Set results = OracleDB.CreatePlsqlDynaset(strSQL, "Par3", 4)

      By this stage in the code, the OracleDB object has been instantiated and successfully used a number of times. I've stepped through it, and all the values used as inputs are valid. The last line triggers the error in question.

      Has anyone got any ideas?