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    First experience with Virtual Desktop Infrastructore.

      I want to test the VDI on my HP netbook running a Windows 7 boot environment. How do I connect the netbook to a desktop running Windows XP?

      Is there a better (simpler, resource lean) plan than the following?

      1) Install Virtualbox on the XP desktop computer.
      2) Install Solaris in the Virtualbox.
      3) Install the VDI infrastructure on the Solaris running in virtualbox.
      4) Install the VDI on the netbook, then connect?

      Is there dome connect software that would let me connect the client to the Windows XP desktop?

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          Bjoern Rost
          It may not be as simple as that depending on what you are trying to test. If you were looking to test the Oracle Virtualbox Hypervisor with VDI this is not going to work like this because you cannot run virtualbox inside virtualbox. You can still install the VDI core (database, SunRay Server and VDI GUI) and play around with that. You could even use that setup to connect to your desktop PC via RDP or manually to a virtualbox guest in the desktop's virtualbox via vRDP.

          Anyway, I don't know if this is something I would recommend for your first experience since this may be quite frustrating. The easiest way to test VDI is by installing solaris and VDI on a baremetal machine and not in a virtualized environment.

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            As you do have a running XP maybe you start with a plain Sun Ray Server (5.2.3) to get started and to get familiar with the system (in fact, we are just using physical Win7 and lot of WTS as backend) ...

            1.) Install Virtual Box (we are are running on ESX)
            2.) Install Solaris x64
            3.) Install Sun Ray Server
            4.) Install Oracle Virtual Desktop Client on your Laptop
            4.) Create a kiosk to your XP laptop like e.g

            -bash-3.00# utkiosk -e pc7145
            KIOSK_SESSION_ARGS=-l de-DE -E wallpaper -E theming -r scard:on xpXXXX (hostname of your XP PC)

            as default kiosk ... (called uttsc in Sun Ray, i.e an RDP Connection to your PC)

            5.) start OVDC and connect to your sun ray server, it will show up with with the login screen of your PC.

            more info is here http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/sunrayproducts/docs/index.html

            I'm running such an environment for about 200 Sun Rays (HW), OVDC (SW) and in the future iPad Clients (iOS) in production, the only difference to your idea is that we are using ESX as Hypervirosr for the Sun Ray Server and not Virtual Box.

            regards, thomas