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    Using Oracle XE as a Data Source for Powerpivot

      I will be migrating my database from MS Access 2007 (*.accdb) to an Oracle XE. Any good links or papers on this or possibly any past experience with this (powerpivot connection)? Just trying to make sure that the connector is already within the Powerpivot download.

      Using Powerpivot v2.0

      For more info about powerpivot:
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          I'm not sure this is an XE-specific question. However, there's not much examples outside, probably because it's not a very common solution. I'd say it should work, as PowerPivot offers OLE DB and ODBC connectors and XE comes with appropriate ODBC drivers installed. So, as long as your XE is on the same machine as your PowerPivot, you don't have to care much about that. Otherwhise you'll probably have to install the ODBC driver, e.g. from [url http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/visual-studio/downloads/index.html]Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC).
          Then create your ODBC data source, test it, and link it in PowerPivot.