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    Accesing SQL server from Oracle

      In Oracle and SQL Servers I'm Updating the data manually. But I want make it Automated Process(Updating required columns automatically) in SQL Server by using trigger during manual update in Oracle's table with respect to column .

      Is this possible?

      Im using Oracle 11g in linux and SQL Server 2005 in windows.
      Both Servers are in different locations , but are in same network and not connected with ODBC , dblink .
      I need your Valuable assitance and Helpful guide for succesfully completing my task.

      Useful Replies are Highly Appreciated.
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          gdarling - oracle

          Yes, look up the product "Heterogeneous Services for ODBC" aka HSODBC.

          You'll need to create an ODBC connection from the Linux box to the SQLServer box though. You may need to get a driver from a 3rd party vendor as ODBC drivers usually come from the database vendor and I don't think SQLServer provides an ODBC driver that runs on Linux.

          I believe there are also gateway products you can purchase to accomplish the task as well.

          In either case you'll probably have better luck posting in the RDBMS forum, as this one specifically deals with Oracle's ODBC driver.

          Hope it helps,