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    Integrate Apex Listener with OAM 11g


      Has anyone been able to integrate Apex listener with OAM 11g? I see this doc which will integrate using [mod_plsql|http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/apex/learnmore/apex-oam-integration-1375333.pdf ] . Any details on how to integrate OAM 11g with Apex listener is appreciated.

      Thanks, Julie
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          Hi Julie,

          I'm sorry to say, but I don't think this works with APEX Listener, at least up to the current version and there haven't been any hints that this will change with the next release.
          There is a White Paper titled [url http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/apex/learnmore/apex-oam-integration-1375333.pdf]Integrating Oracle Application Express with Oracle Access Manager that is aware of the fact that APEX Listener is a possible web server alternative to serve your APEX, but it describes the OAM integration just for Oracle HTTP Server. When looking at the steps necessary to do that configuration I draw the conclusion that it's not possible to do that on APEX Listener, as OAM depends on the CGI-environment not available in APEX Listener and also depends on OAM Webgate that is available on OHS only.

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            Mark Frankenfield-Oracle
            In case anyone finds this thread, Oracle Support now has a Metalink note on how to get this type of intergration working (IE, Apex 4.1.1 with Apex Listener and OAM/Webgate).

            The Note is: Integrating APEX 4.1.1 with Oracle Access Manager 11g Using the APEX Listener with Weblogic Server (Doc ID 1480284.1)
            It is currently set to limited distribution, so you will have to log a SR in order to get the Note sent to you (Though this will hopefully change in the future or the white paper will get updated/changed).

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              Thanks Mark,

              we had to ask support very nicely to have the document sent to us, but it was just the detail we needed. It was mostly obvious (considering what is in the resource configuration in the other pdf and the basic listener install guide) but confirmed my thoughts. Works nicely!

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                Thanks @Damien and Mark

                Does anyone know why oracle has not made this available to Metalink users?

                I have created an SR for oracle to send me the document as well.
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                  Mark Frankenfield-Oracle
                  Hi all,
                  As of today that note is now published and available to anyone with metalink access.

                  Sorry for the delay in getting the status change. Since this note really is about configuring a lot of stuff not actually direct related to apex, it took a while to get reviewed internally.