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    Replacing obsolete Sun hardware, which parts?

      I'm looking to upgrade my organization's systems and want to find out what would be current de facto specifications to replace the equipment below. I'm looking for a spec sheet, part number, etc. Thank you!

      Sunfire V210 1.34ghz Ultrasparc IIIi (N31-XM41C1512HA)
      Sun Sunfire V440 Server 41.593ghz Ultrasparciiii Processor (A42-XH44C2-32ZD)
      Sunfire V440 (A42-XHB2C2-04HD)
      Sun Racks (SR9-XK14038A-IP)
      Sun StorEdge 6130 array (XTA6130 R11A2T1022)
      Brocade SW 200E (SG-XSWBR0200E-8P-Z)
      Sun 38 slot LTO Library base (SG-XLIBTOS-CR)
      Sun CLAIS-30R-9999  SC3.0 HA iWS License
      Sun CLUIS-320-Q929 StorageTek server fee