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    Configuration validation resulted in error(s)


      I am facing a problem in configurator,we are using deferred booking workflow.When we are creating new orders with ATO/PTO items the standard BOOK Node in the workflow is getting completed with result Incomplete.

      The error message on sales order, which we can see from View all open messages, is saying as"Configurator validation resulted in error(s)".

      When we copy the above sales order which is failing with above error and create a new order, the new order is getting booked successfully.We are not changing anything in the copied order.

      Also the deferred workflow is not giving any issues when creating a sales order using the Standard item.The OM debug is also not suggesting anything related to this.

      Please let me know if anyone have come across this issue.

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          It is possible AFTER you configured the order, the configurator rules changed and hence some selections are not valid.
          When you book the order, Oracle runs thru' the latest rules and find this and gives the "configuration validation resulted in errors".

          You can verify this as follows
          1) Take a backup or export of order lines table and cz_config_items table
          2) Simply re-open the configuration
          3) Click on finish. Do not make any changes.
          4) Book the order

          If it gets booked, you can be certain that the above explanation is the issue.
          Another reason for this is that you have ECOs that swap in an optional item and swap out an older optional item.

          Sandeep Gandhi
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            Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
            Sorry I forgot to explain what the backup is for.
            After you reopen the configuration and hit "finish" without any changes, take a look at the order lines as well as cz_config_items table and compare with the backup. You may find some items have changed. This is your clue to finding out where in the model was the change.

            Sandeep Gandhi
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              Thanks Sandeep for ur reply on this..

              I followed the process u mentioned but it didnt work.Actually as I mentioned in my first question, this issue is coming up only when we are creating new sales order.If we copy the sales order which is not getting booked then the new one(copied) sales order's gets booked correctly.Though the copied sales order also have same configuration.

              I also tried to validate the Configuration for the sales order having issue using the api CZ_CONFIG_API_PUB.verify_configuration and this resulting as SUCCESS.

              Is there any thing in the deferred booking process which may cause this issue?

              Also the error message Configuration Validation resulted in errors is coming through a exception, and the exception is being used in CZ_BATCH_VALIDATE.The batch validate is being called from Send_Input_xml procedure.It seems if we copy the order this procedure for batch validate is not being called.

              but i m not getting any clue in Send_Input_xml procedure abt why exception is being raised.