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    Threadpool using  task executor

      I was trying to execute the two class parallel using task executor in spring. Below was my sample .xml file. I was able to execute the two java class parallel.

      <job id="helloWorldJob" job-repository="jobRepository" >
      <split id="split1" task-executor="taskExecutor">
      <step id="step1">
                <tasklet ref="helloWorldTasklet1" />
      <step id="step2">
                <tasklet ref="helloWorldTasklet2" />



      <beans:bean name="helloWorldTasklet1" class="com.test.HelloWorldTasklet1"/>
      <beans:bean name="helloWorldTasklet2" class="com.test.HelloWorldTasklet2"/>

      Now I have scenario where I need to execute two more java class parallel once the step “step1” and “step2” is completed. I am not able to find a good example for it .

      Please help me in this.

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          Dude, let me make it perfectly clear because you don't seem to be getting the hint.

          - this is not your personal information service
          - this is the Enterprise Javabeans forum, not a Spring forum

          If you want information that the online documentation doesn't provide, buy a good book. If you want help with a problem, then visit a forum. While you're at it, pick the right forum on the right website. that is in your own benefit as you'll have far more chance of finding people that share your interests and have likely run into the same stuff you are running into. Since Oracle didn't create Spring, you will not find a Spring forum on this website and so Spring users do not tend to hang around here. There are a few of course, but then those people are not likely to check the Enterprise Javabeans forum.

          I hope that all makes sense.