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    ERPi Suppressing zero balance accounts

    Sravan Ganti

      I am new to ERPi and would like to understand how the following option works.

      My source is EBS 12 and my target is Hyperion Planning 11.1.2

      In the data load rule section, there is an option to select Yes/No for Zero balances. If i select No for this option, will ERPI load that particular account into the Planning Hierarchy and only suppress the data or will it not load the member itself into the Planning hierarchy.

      For e.g if my source data is in the following way

      Acc001 May Actual 0
      Acc002 May Actual 100

      Will Acc001 be created in the Planning hierarchy and only the zero data will be ignored or will the Acc001 member itslef will be omitted in the hierarchy.