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    Glassfish configuration

      I am using the Apex Listener on Glassfish in a windows environment. Its working fine.I want to change a configuration

      This gets me to the right page but the boxes are not editable http://localhost:8080/apex/listenerAdmin

      Do I need to be logged in as someone else ?

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          Hello Ed,

          it seems like you want to change the database configuration. Due to the way APEX Listener uses the connection pool, it's not possible to change it at runtime. So, locate the apex-config.xml (config file that contains the configuration data), stop your APEX Listener and either edit that file or delete it. The latter would allow you to rerun /listenerConfigure, i.e. a clean restart with a new config file.
          Note that if the change you want to make concerns the password for your APEX_PUBLIC_USER, you'll find the value encrypted in the file. You can use a "!" at the beginning of the value using your clear text password instead of the "@" infront of the encrypted one. The clear text password will be encrypted as soon as you start the APEX Listener afterwards.