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    InfiBand ports query on ZFS 7420

      Here is the scenario, when I look behind the NAS heads(2 heads in the cluster) I can see that there are 4 IB ports( 2 cards) each head . But when I check network configuration I see only 2 I interfaces are used.
      From the rear side of the head, I can see all the four LED indicators are working on both cards.I am not much familair with Infiand cards/ports

      Can one of you help to clarify this if you are using it i similar way?

      pffff_ibp0 up ip pffff_ibp0 ibp0
      pffff_ibp3 up ip pffff_ibp3 ibp3

      ibp0 true 32000 Mbit/s not available
      ibp3 true 32000 Mbit/s not available