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    Anyone upgraded EPM 8.9 to PT 8.5x?

      It's supported according to the certification listing. Considering the move to 64-bit Oracle Linux and Oracle 11gR1/2. Looking for the usual, any gotchas?
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          Have not upgrade EPM but other PeopleSoft applications (HCM, CRM, Portal).

          When moving to Oracle 11g, be aware of Oracle 11g initialization parameter SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON that forces case sensitive passwords.
          My DBA had created user sysadm with password sysadm in lowercase and I was not able to login to Application Desinger with a PeopleSoft user, since the db creation dms script had written SYSADM in the PSACCESSPRFL table.
          Make sure you create both the database user and the db creation dms in uppercase or set SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON to false.
          This was my only issue when moving to 11g,

          See for example this thread {thread:id=2350791}
          On Linux 64 bit, I ran into IPC resource allocation, which needs to be set correctly, otherwise you are not able to start the application server and processscheduler.
          See this doc on how to determine the resource allocation

          In addition, when installing OEL, in the list of packages select oracle-validated package. This package will create a Linux user oracle and will create necessary Linux groups. This package will also set Linux kernel parameters needed for Oracle installations. This will save us a lot of time.


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            Thank you for the information. I will review the link you provided and appreciate your response.