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    Possible? PDG->GG plus DDL

    Daryl E.
      Trying to find whitepaper or some confirmation on how to set up this scenario...

      Source DB ->(firewalls/distance/etc) ->(DR) Physical Dataguard (Active) -> Replica DB (via goldengate) -> many LDG readonly databases.

      Linux 11Gr1

      From readings I see they call this ALO mode . where GG reads from archive logs off the Physical DG database.
      How does the DDL make it over to the replica db? Do we capture DDL from the Source db?

      Any pointers to docs?

      Alternative is one very complex Dataguard scenario where the Source db has many legs over into the DR landscape.

      Google let me down .. hoping someone has seen something like this before..

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          Daryl E.
          Found this in 10g .. looking for the 11g docs now..

          "The extraction and replication of DDL are not supported in ALO mode."

          That's a big drawback :-(


          11g - no mention of that limitation



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