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    Respond By and Resolved BY dates not taking Weekends into calculation.

      Hi Gurus,

      I have this problem at aa client side where they are running on Ebsuiness Suite 11.5.9 and while raising Service Requests in Oracle, the respond by and resolution by dates are nottaking into consderation the weekends though the coverage template clearly mentions that there is no coverage on saturdays and sundays.

      For instance SR raised on Fridays at 12 pm given coverage 8:30 17:00 hrs and reaction time 8 hrs returns respond by date as saturday 11:30 am rather than the following monday 11:30 am.

      One thing I have noticed that the if the reported date is a saturday then it calculates correctly which is takes into consideration the weekends.
      Is it a problem with the Timezone settings - Following are the setups at the moment.

      System profile : Client Time Zone (Site level) - GMT+10 - Sydney
      Server Time Zone (Site level) - GMT+10 - Sydney
      Enable Timezone Conversions - Yes

      Any help will be grateful will be appreciated