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    Shareable interface in javacard - getAppletShareableInterfaceObject -


      I uses the JCSystem methods getAppletShareableInterfaceObject ( for my client applet ) and getShareableInterfaceObject for my server applet so as to exchange data.
      I have managed to exchange short and byte data between the two applets without problem but I do not succeed in exchanging a byte[] array, although I use a similar way to code
      When I select my client applet, I receive a status word 6F00 when I want to exchange byte array
      I would like to know if somebody has already encountered the problem and if it is possible to exchange byte arrays thanks to a shareable interface.
      I am sure that my code is well-done because i have no problem with the short and the byte data. Is Java Card limited for the byte array?
      Thank you in advance for your help or your opinion about that.