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    Message not found. Application: HXC, Message Name...: - Time Entry Rules

    Giuseppe Bonavita
      Dear OTL and APPS gurus,

      Your expertise is needed here (and appreciated).

      I'm trying to have an error message displayed when some business rules are violated upon timecard submission.
      I am getting the message in the subject ("Message not found. Application: HXC, Message Name XX_END_DATE"), rather than my message

      Setup done so far:
      1) define Fast Formula XX_END_DATE (OTL Time Entry Rules) as per code below:
      default for assignment_id is 0
      default for date_earned is '4712/12/31 00:00:00' (date)
      default for rule_status is 'S'
      default for message1 is 'XX_END_DATE'
      inputs are assignment_id (number)
      ,date_earned (date)
      <<debug messages>>
      rule_status = 'E'
      <<other debug messages>>
      RETURN rule_status, message1

      2) Created a Time Entry Rule “XX End Date” usage Submission / Resubmission

      3) Created Time Entry Rule Group "Standard XX Rule Group" with the rule above, outcome Error

      4) Associated it to my test employee

      5) Created the message XX_END_DATE under Application "Time and Labor Engine"

      The rule is actually firing, meaning that I am able to reach the review page if I switch the code to return 'S', while it prevents me to do so when it returns 'E'.
      Also debug messages indicates that message1 is indeed XX_END_DATE.
      The point is that the "preventing" message I get is the following:

      Message not found. Application: HXC, Message Name: XX_END_DATE. Tokens:

      I run the query below and I am getting the XX_END_DATE row in SQL.
      select *
      from fnd_new_messages
      where application_id in (
      select application_id
      from fnd_application_vl
      where application_short_name = 'HXC')
      and message_name like 'XX_END_DATE'
      and language_code = 'US'

      so the message seems indeed to be there, but for some reason Apps cannot read it.

      Any hint?