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    How to Customize home page of Oracle BPM Worklist

      Hello all,

      We are using SOA
      When we open BPM Worklist http://IPAddress:7003/integration/worklistapp by default it is showing Home page(home.jspx) and it is showing 3 tabs :- My Tasks, Initiated Tasks, Administrative Tasks.

      (1) Our requirement is we want to hide Initiated Tasks and Administrative Tasks. We only want to show My Tasks tabs to the user.

      I tried but couldn't find any solution.

      Now when the user clicks on any task, It opens the task details in preview pane below and also it opens the same task details in new window.

      (2) One more requirement is to disable the preview pane which shows the task details below.

      Please Help.

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          When i searched in deployments in 7001/console I found 1 worklist.war deployed.

          I found it at Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\base_domain\servers\soa_server2\tmp\_WL_user\worklistapp\r8n7fr\worklist.war

          I also found home.jspx file at the location
          which is using some page templates.

          Can we modify these jspx pages as per our requirement ?
          How can we achieve this?

          Please Help.

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            Try different settings in OracleBPMWorkspace\OracleBPMWorkspace\WEB-INF\workspace.properties and redeploy the OracleBPMWorkspace.ear.
            You will find OracleBPMWorkspace.ear at location ...\Oracle_SOA1\soa\applications
            Do keep a backup of the original OracleBPMWorkspace.ear.
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              Hi Viswa,
              Sorry for the late reply.

              I have opened the OracleBPMWorkspace\OracleBPMWorkspace\WEB-INF\workspace.properties file but could not find any property which deals with the details/preview pane of the BPM worklist.

              Our requirement is to hide/disable the details/preview pane in BPM worklist which gets displayed below the task pane after clicking on any task.

              Can you please share some documents or links dealing with changing the settings in workspace.properties file and redeploying the OracleBPMWorkspace.ear file.

              Thanks in advance.
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                I found the solution :-)

                Please go to Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_SOA1\soa\applications you will find worklist-wls.ear .Inside that there is worklist.war file Inside that go to WEB-INF\classes\view\pageDefs you will find homePageDef.xml.

                In homePageDef.xml you will find 1 entry

                *<parameter id="showTaskDetailsPanel" value="true" xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adfm/uimodel" />*

                you have to change the value to false. It should be like this:-

                *<parameter id="showTaskDetailsPanel" value="false" xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adfm/uimodel" />*

                After updating you will have to restart the managed server_.

                Now login to BPM Worklist and the TaskDetailsPanel will be hidden.

                -- Navin K