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    Application Deploy using EPMA fails

      I am facing an issue for which i could not trace back the reason.
      I have EPMA for maintaining shared dimensions and using it to deploy an ASO application.

      1. The application fails during redeployment giving the error:
      Aggregate storage outlines require non level-0 members in accounts dimension and dynamic hierarchies to be either non-stored members or have internal/external formula

      I checked and found out that one of the level 2 member had data storage as StoreData. It was part of dynamic hierarchy. I changed it to LabelOnly. Deplyed the application and deploy was successful.

      2. Now when I redeploy the application, the deloyment fails giving error:
      Essbase error occured: Failed to deploy Essbase cube.
      Caused by: Failed to delete all members from existing database.
      Caused by: Cannot delete member. Essbase Error(1060028): Leaf member defined as a label member

      I doubt if changing the level 2 member property to Label Only is causing this to fail.
      Any help is appreciated ?