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    Old Generation not cleaned after Promotion Failure


      Using Java 1.6.0_29 with a 45GB heap, we occionally see promotion failiures like this

      2012-03-28T07:37:00.939+0200: 484094.380: [GC-- [PSYoungGen: 14615647K->14615647K(14615680K)] 44825709K->46072922K(46072960K), 154.0113697 secs] [Times: user=149.84 sys=4756.31, real=154.02 secs]

      After that, we run into a situation, where Full GCs occur constantly without removing any objects from the old generation.

      2012-03-28T07:55:26.191+0200: 485199.597: [Full GC [PSYoungGen: 788224K->0K(10485760K)] [ParOldGen: 30836335K->29557364K(31457280K)] 31624560K->29557364K(41943040K) [PSPermGen: 235098K->235086K(239616K)], 22.3880437 secs] [Times: user=658.48 sys=0.00, real=22.39 secs]

      ... (goes on until you shutdown the process).

      We use the following JVM Optons:


      Any help in understanding this problem is much appreciated.