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    Change OpCenter proxy

      One way to change the proxy of an already registered asset:

      1.) Create a file containing the Satellite admin user's password
      (i.e. /var/tmp/xvmocpwd)

      2.) Stop the agent on the asset:
      /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/agentadm stop

      3.) Configure it to use the new proxy
      /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/agentadm configure -u ocadmin -p /var/tmp/xvmocpwd -x <new proxy>

      Usage of sc_console
      -u|--user <user-string> : Satellite Administrator user.
      -p|--passwordfile <filename> : filename containing password for above user.
      -a|--agent-ip <IP address> : Specific IP to use during registration.
      -t|--token <filename> : filename containing autoregistration token (exclusive with -u/-p above).
      -x|--proxy <URI> : URI of proxy to register to.
      -I|--non-interactive : launch sc-console in non-interactive mode (without -i). Default is interactive mode.
      -k|--keep-connection : do not re-register to proxy if the connection already exists.